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        Noble ( Smart Manufacturing Tech. Co. Ltd) is a High-Tech Enterprise with Sino-British joint venture, focus on Beauty Care, Health Care and Old-aged Care products. We are committed to becoming a leading provider of intelligent care product & service.
        We have many years of smart intelligent manufacturing experience, have been serving many customers in fields of robots, automated equipment, unmanned aircraft, automobiles, banking equipment, medical equipment, etc. And also providing supports for thousands of projects such as design, development, manufacturing, assembly and test.

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Service Introduction

Noble owns experienced professional team, advanced operation processing, strong technical backing, and rapid resource integration capabilities. We could provide reliable technical service and support on R&D, rapid production, finished product assembly in fields of robots and Intelligent care product & service etc.

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    With the development and design capability in the fields of health products such as nursing robots, rehabilitation robots, and IPL beauty products, etc. Providing one-stop service of industrial design, structural design, electronic and software design, rapid prototyping, low volume production, mass production, etc.


    The company has established close ties with well-known universities

    and scientific research institutions in relevant industries at home 

    and abroad, and has conducted frequent academic exchanges

    and shared technical achievements for keeping our leading technological advantage.

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    Providing structural design optimization, manufacturing and other professional services in the field of service robots and related areas .The key area is that the robot products are composed of more than 50% of its parts by the metal (aluminum), such as climbing robots, rehabilitation robots, intelligent chairs, etc. We also have rich experience in the field of unmanned aircrafts, automobiles, 3D printers, bank equipment and other intelligent equipment. CNC precision processing as the core technology, integrating the upstream and downstream manufacturing resources (rapid prototyping, 3D printing, kinds of molds, surface treatment, etc.) to provide you with rapid manufacturing services.


    Fast service : We can handle your inquiries twice as fast as our competitors. By the methods of actively responding, timely feedback, professional skills, reasonable process, resources integration, fast producing, strict quality control, etc.

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Noble Team

Meet an excellent team

1. We can share it freely and selflessly; 2. We can work strictly and efficiently; 3. We hope to realize the value of everyone; 4. We pursue the common progress; 5. We want a happy and dignified life.

Company Management:
Projects Management:

Rich experience in project management and the order's controlling, master comprehensive knowledge and skills, has clear logical mind and good at time management and overall arrangement, maintains efficient operation by actively optimizing business process


Senior Project Manager
Production Process
Cost Control
Safe Production

Lee joined NOBLE in 2002, he has been engaged in the prototype industry since year 1997, that means that he has more than twenty years of experience. He has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience about various machining & manufacturing processes


Senior Sales Supervisor
Product R & D
Product Defin
product test

Senior intelligent product R & D engineer with 18 years of experience in structural design and project management. He used to be a R&D director of a Japanese-funded enterprise, has a deep understanding of the R & D process, and now is fully responsible fo


R&D Manager

Our direction

About SheerMate

In 2008, NOBLE began to develop Laser Hair Removal Product and entered to the personal care market. Relying on the years experience and core technology of independent research and development, NOBLE launched the brand “SheerMate” that provide intelligent care products and services in beauty and health field. Products are all deleloped by SinoBritish cooperation. SheerMate specially hired Chief Physician Liu Liwu of Heilongjiang Xiangyun Dermatology Hospital and Deputy Chief Physician Zhou Dongbo of Xiangya Hospital as medical consultants for intelligent care products. Our team has developed nearly 10 kinds mature IPL hair removal products.

SheerMate puts the product concept of "innovation, intelligence, and ultimate" through all the parts in design and development, manufacturing, sales and service etc. SheerMate attaches importance to the application of smart technology, while pursuing the ultimate in quality, ease of use, customer experience and product services. Strives to become the leader in the field of smart care products and achieve the goal of helping China Smart Manufacturing, innovative healthy economy and sustainable development.

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The developing of enterprises lies in catching the trends at the right time, Noble Incorporated is always being the pioneer of our industry. We established long-term cooperation with a lot of colleges, scientific institutions, and big brand companies both in China and abroad, so we can get the latest industrial happenings and opportunities, technology directions, management methods and ideas.