Providing structural design optimization, manufacturing and other professional services in the field of service robots and related areas .The key area is that the robot products are composed of more than 50% of its parts by the metal (aluminum), such as climbing robots, rehabilitation robots, intelligent chairs, etc. We also have rich experience in the field of unmanned aircrafts, automobiles, 3D printers, bank equipment and other intelligent equipment. CNC precision processing as the core technology, integrating the upstream and downstream manufacturing resources (rapid prototyping, 3D printing, kinds of molds, surface treatment, etc.) to provide you with rapid manufacturing services.

  Materials: All kinds of metal and plastic.

  Size: the largest dimension is 1200mm for one whole part, split without limited.

  Precision: metal parts±0.01mm, plastic parts: ±0.05mm

  Quantity: From 1 off prototype to 10000+ mass manufacturing.