Let you breathe healthy air, Noble project to develop indoor anti-virus robot

The emergence of new covid-19 in 2020 has not only changed the way we live and work, but also has a profound impact on our human body and immune mechanisms. With the outbreak of this epidemic, people have higher and higher requirements on air quality and public health, and people are beginning to get used to the integration of robots into our lives and work.

To this end, Noble worked with Xiangya Hospital and Yangzhou University and other universities and scientific research institutions to cooperate in depth, integrating air anti-virus purification and natural pure Chinese medicine technology and resource advantages, decided to set up a project to develop “strong light and pure natural Chinese medicine indoor anti-bacterial and antibacterial robots”.

The anti-virus robot has powerful functions in deodorization, disinfection, sterilization, and mosquito repellence while purifying the air; it also has a regulating effect on the dryness and humidity of the air according to regional environmental differences. Keep warm in winter and cool in summer. Not only does it disinfect the space and surfaces, it also provides a high-quality environment for our daily life and work; it also protects our respiratory system and plays a healing role in the internal care of our bodies.

After using the product in a certain space, the effect is better than using the spraying disinfectant, realize the effect of eliminating the need to wear masks indoors, disease prevention effect and living comfort are greatly improved.